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You are the ONE you have been waiting for!

As the new year starts, and as you think of what intentions you want to set for this new year, how do you approach it? Do you make a list of goals you want to accomplish? Do you use a vision board? Do you find yourself sometimes feeling like you may not have all the needed resources, be it physical, material, emotional or spiritual? Do you end up feeling overwhelmed or start judging yourself for the past goals that you had and didn’t quite accomplish the way you planned? Have you ever wondered if  there is one crucial ingredient or a secret weapon that can help you on your journey to bring you fulfillment of your intentions? And if such a thing existed, how far would you be willing to travel to obtain it?

The crucial ingredient to inspire you, support you, uplift you and sustain you on your journey to pursue your intentions for this year is YOU-nique. It is YOU. Some people refer to it as TRUE SELF, and I like it call YOUR WISE HEART. Your wise heart has depth, evenness, acceptance and wisdom that only YOU would know and that only would apply to you, nobody else.

How do you access YOUR WISE HEART? Because once you access YOUR WISE HEART, you will know it. And, then, there is no stopping you from your fulfilling your life trajectory.

There are eight qualities that are doorways to your wise heart. By distancing yourself from your common behaviors, patterns and thoughts, you tap into these eight quality and experience your wise heart. So, as you set change in motion in your thoughts, behaviors and patterns, start listening to the following qualities show up in your life.

  1. Curiosity: This is the first step to making any change. This is where you start to be able to turn towards yourself and inquire within yourself to see what you are actually doing before you can make any changes. Do you find yourself judgmental, closed off and so stay stuck and negative? What happen if you let go of that judgement and become curious about getting to know yourself?
  2. Clarity: This comes from curiosity. If you are open to looking inward and learning about your patterns, then you begin to understand why you do the things you do. You become an observer of yourself. The observer self sees the big picture and offers a bigger perspective beyond a narrow viewpoint. Making decisions and setting boundaries become easier as a result.
  3. Compassion: This happens naturally after taking an inventory inwards and gaining clarity of why you did what you did. Compassion is hard to practice, both for yourself and for everyone else. But, with perspective and seeing the picture, you understand that you are not the only one struggling and that others are struggling also. And, you apply the same compassion you would give to a friend to yourself. You notice that you become kinder and less defensive and feeling isolated.
  4. Calm: This comes with clarity, and you can see and trust the bigger picture. You are no longer seeing things through the lens of fear and intention emotions. You are no longer holding on too tight, and getting upset over the smallest things that may not be relevant to your path in the long run.
  5. Confidence: This comes with finding calm and clarity. Inner trust comes more naturally and with trust, you are able to bounce back more easily, even when things don’t go as you expected.
  6. Courage: This comes with confidence, and the ability to act on decisions. It is taking the right action and is the anecdote to fear. You will find yourself pursing experience you were previously afraid to do.
  7. Creativity: With courage and confidence, you may feel yourself lighter, more creative and expressing yourself more. You will feel your connection to your intuition and be inspired.
  8. Connectedness: This comes with self compassion and being able to feel seen and accepted. You will start to feel more at peace and safe. And as result, you will find yourself spending more time with people and be in nature.

So, what are you waiting for?

What you have been waiting for is YOU.

Will you take the first step to be with yourself, and look within yourself with curiosity, and compassion?

Are you ready to be inspired and transformed by experiencing YOUR AMAZING WISE HEART?


References: Internal Family Systems. Richard Schwartz, PhD.

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